Only $1 to unlock your Lynx electric scooter plus a small per-minute fee. Per-minute fees range from 15-25 cents depending on your location.

That's a pretty sweet deal on a sunshiny day.

Want A Sweeter Deal?

Check out our Daily and Weekly Rates 

Download Now And Roll With Lynx

Daily & Weekly Rental

$25 For The Day or $50 For The Week  

You heard that right! Get a daily pass for only $25 or a weekly pass for $50. Simply click on the "Offers" section of the Lynx mobile app to activate a 1 day or 7 day pass. 
Lynx Scooters Are Great For
* Commuting to work or class
* Fun with friends
* Corporate functions
* Parties or events
* Vacation rentals and more!
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