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Lynx Match

A company initiative to make fun travel affordable for everyone.

How Do I Qualify?

Put $10 into your Lynx City rider wallet, and we will MATCH that $10 in free ride time.

Lynx City will match up to a maximum of $100 in free ride time a month. KEEP service is not eligible for this discount.

Lynx Bike.jpg

To qualify for the Lynx Match program, you must prove that you are enrolled in one or more local, state, or federal assistance programs with qualifying documentation.


  • A photo or scan of your government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, or residence card showing your name and address. 

  • A document proving enrollment in an income-based government assistance program such as a photo or scan of your SNAP card, Medicaid insurance card, or TANF. The documentation should be recent and include your legal name, which must match the name in your government-issued ID 

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