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$99 Monthly Membership
Keep Your Scooter -



Free Delivery

Your E-scooter will be delivered to your door at no additional charge.

E-bikes coming soon!


Free Replacements & Repair

Free repair and replacement for any normal wear and tear of your scooter. Just submit a support ticket through your mobile app.


Optional Insurance

For an additional $9.99 a month, you can protect your scooter from any unforeseen damages done to the device.

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Lynx KEEP allows you to rent your own personal scooter with a monthly subscription that renews until canceled. Rent your own personal scooter that only you can lock and unlock through our mobile app. 

Get free delivery, a free helmet, and a charger at the time of delivery. E-scooters go a max of 15 MPH and last on average 30 miles on a full charge

Say goodbye to car insurance bills, gas, and maintenance bills. Say hello to fun travel within your city at an affordable price.

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