Lynx Is Looking For Investors

Micro-Mobility transformation is happening all over the world. People are ditching gas cars and heading towards electric scooters. They are easy to use around town, fun and cheap. Last-mile transportation will never be the same. Cities are changing laws and installing bike lanes in an effort to keep up.
Lynx is currently looking for investors to accelerate its growth across the country. Please see the current opportunity below. 

St. Petersburg Florida

Area of Operation Approximately 61 sq miles Population 263,255

About the company -

Lynx City LLC is a limited liability partnership headquartered out of Bethel Connecticut. We are a micro-mobility company dedicated to bringing a green last-mile transportation option to users in cities, college campuses, local businesses & more. Lynx launched September 14th, 2019. 


About The Software - 

Lynx operates off a white-labeled app-based program with a backend user dashboard. Lynx is able to Geofence ride approved zones as well as parking zones. Lynx can easily respond to in-app support tickets, monitor ride usage, and earnings. The Lynx app is available in the app store and on google play. A user will sign up with their personal information, create an account and enter their payment information. They can easily search for an available scooter, unlock it, and explore their city. When a user is done, they can simply “End Their Ride” and the scooter is locked and the rider stops being charged. 


Company Officers/Owners 

Alan Moisio - CEO

David Harvey - COO

Derek Pierson - CTO
James Panzica - Fleet Management

First City Launch - New Milford Connecticut
Launch Date - September 14, 2019

New Milford Connecticut Details - 9/14/19-10/5/19 

  • 616 rides recorded. Average 29.33 rides per day

  • Average rental time, 25 minutes.

  • Average distance traveled, 1.21 miles. 

  • Earnings $3,515.00. 

  • Average ride  $5.71 

  • Number of new users 371. 

  • 17.5 new users per day. 

  • 25 scooters deployed

  • 1.17 rides per day per scooter


  • 1st City Launch

  • Data Obtained

  • Operations Ironed Out

  • Positive Press

  • 1st Company in CT to Launch Scooters Within a City



  • Hills

  • Lack of entertainment and business to commute to

  • Seasonal operations.

  • Extremely Small Operating Area

Population - 27,100

Area of Operation Approximately 0.50 Sq Miles

What The Data Says

If a user rents a scooter 1.676 times per day (Divide the rides per day by the number of new users) and an average 29.33 rides are taken per day, that tells us the average rider makes Lynx $9.57 per day (Multiply the average ride by 1.676).

St. Petersburg Florida

Area of Operation

Approximately 61 sq miles

Pop 263,255



  • No Hills

  • Year-Round Operation

  • A multitude of Entertainment & Business

  • Heavy Tourism



  • Expansion/Relocation Costs

National Data

National Data - 90 days - Ft Lauderdale Florida

  • 4.30 rides per day per scooter

  • 1,700 scooters deployed

  • 322,541 rides taken

  • 4 different companies

  • Population 180,000

National Data + Local Data

  • Local - User rides a scooter 1.676 times per day

  • National - User rides a scooter 1.61 times per day

  • Local - 1.17 rides per scooter per day

  • National - 4.30 rides per scooter per day

  • Local - Average rental time 25 minutes

  • National - Average rental time 24.83 minutes

We can assume Lynx will be allowed to operate with a minimum of 200 scooters. In a population 30% larger than FT Lauderdale we can assume we can use the same numbers at a minimum. 


200 scooters logging in 4.30 rides per day could generate an average of 860 rides a day. We know Lynx makes on average $5.71 a ride. The total income average should be around $4,910.60 a day. This would equate to $1,792,369 a year. A monthly income of $149,364 per month. Operating expenses are estimated at $50,000 per month. That leaves a potential profit of $99,364 per month. 


If we calculate 200 scooters logging in a more modest ride rate of 3.0 rides per day per scooter, that would generate an average of 600 rides a day. This would equal $3,426 a day or $104,207 a month. This scenario would leave a potential profit of $54,207 a month.


The National Ride Average is 4 rides per day per scooter.

The Investment Offer

Lynx is offering a 50% investor stake to St Petersburg Florida. This means that after all operating expenses are paid, the monthly profit will be split 2 ways. 50% to owners and 50% to investors. The potential investor share could be $49,682 per month on the high end. 


What Lynx Seeks To Obtain

250 branded scooters $125,000 (50 More for damages)

Relocation & Operating expenses $125,000

Total Amount Desired $250,000

Scenario 1:

4.30 Rides Per Day Per Scooter


A $10,000 investment could net you $1,987 a month for the duration of the contract in St Petersburg. $23,844 a year


A $50,000 investment could net you $9,936 a month for the duration of the contract in St Petersburg. $119,232 a year

How We Will Offer Percentage Share

A $2,500 investment will equal 1% of the investor's profit share. Investments must be made in increments of $2,500. Investors will be paid out monthly by the 15th of the preceding month when the monthly reports are released.

Scenario 2:

3 Rides Per Day Per Scooter

A $10,000 investment could net you $1,084 a month for the duration of the contract in St Petersburg. $13,008 a year


A $50,000 investment could net you $5,420 a month for the duration of the contract in St Petersburg. $65,040 a year

This offer is being presented to you in a promissory format. Once Lynx secures the contract for the City of St Petersburg, which we have already been pre-approved for, we should have a definitive answer from the city on October 20th, 2019. This means we will need a promise to lend no later than 10/20/19 if approved, money must be collected no later than 10/31/2019. All checks must be made to Lynx City LLC. All payments must be made in full.


Investors will be allowed to voice opinions on operations however the final decisions will be made by the owners. A legal packet will be remitted to you for signature by 10/31/2019. Once all the money is collected and the scooter purchase order has been placed, we should be operational in 90 or so days. Please note that the original startup of 200 scooters could potentially grow to more scooters allowed to operate which in turn would result in higher profits. Many cities like this allow up to 500 scooters per company to operate. In the event where more money is needed to be raised, a 2nd round will be offered to existing and new investors.

**In the event St. Petersburg cancels the contract after the pilot period. All operations will be moved to another city with similar statistics to ensure investors will continue to be paid out. It is the companies goal to keep the investor's profits and best interest in mind for years to come. ***

***In the event Lynx City LLC is sold, a valuation of St. Petersburg will be done. Based upon the sale value of St Petersburg, that sale will be split 50% to owners and 50% to investors. Investors will be paid out based on their percentage of ownership.***


Please understand that this is an offer of investment. Lynx and its owners cannot guarantee success or estimated profits given in this proposal. All investment is a risk, and with that comes a risk of loss to investors. You are investing in the companies success and ability to operate a successful business. We appreciate your consideration, reach out to the owners with any questions. 

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