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Electric Scooter Rental

Lynx Electric Scooters Are Available To Rent Through Our Mobile App. Users May Search And Unlock A Lynx Scooter For $1 To Start Their Ride. Simply Scan The Code On The Scooter To Roll With Lynx. 


End Your Ride With Ease

Lynx Users May End Their Ride At Their Destination When They Are Done Riding. Simply Click "End My Ride" On The Lynx Mobile App. 

* Never Block Pedestrian Walkways
* Never Block Crosswalks Or Bus Stops
* Never Block Driveways or Access Ramps
* Always Park Your Lynx Scooter Upright
* Never Park On Private Property
Most Importantly, Be Safe & Have Fun!
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Lynx Requires All Users To Wear Helmets. Snag A Helmet Online. Local Helmet Retailers Coming Soon.

Age Restrictions

Users Must Be 18 Or Older And Agree To The Terms And Conditions In Our Mobile App. 

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