The COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting cities across the globe is creating challenges for citizens worldwide. Like you, we are concerned about the safety and well being of everyone. Citizens are losing ways to easily get essential goods such as food and medicine. Public transportation is shutting down along with taxi services, ride-sharing and more. This creates uncertainty for many to how they may get from their home to the grocery store or pharmacy. Lynx City understands that citizens still need to be able to get these essential items if they have no other means of transportation. Lynx City will remain open as an essential operator during the COVID-19 pandemic so that we may provide transportation to those in need. Here are the steps we have taken.

  • We have increased our cleaning methods to include disinfecting each scooter our staff touches on a daily basis. Our local employees have been instructed to do this in the field along with daily battery changes and maintenance on scooters.

  • We have issued disposable gloves for all our employees to use in the field.

  • Hand sanitizer, as well as other disinfecting products, have been distributed in our warehouses for staff to use while working on our scooters.

Here is what you can do to help.

  • Wear gloves while riding a Lynx City Scooter. 

  • Wash your hands after riding a Lynx City scooter

  • Be mindful of others and keep a safe distance 

  • Follow guidelines on the CDC website

We are all in this together as a community. If we can all do our part, we will be able to rise above this pandemic and become a stronger nation. Lynx City would like to also take a moment to recognize the first responders, nurses, doctors, support staff and everyone else fighting for our safety during this difficult time. We love and appreciate all you are doing. Your selflessness is being seen across the globe and you are all heroes.  

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